Flows of medical and healthcare knowledge and technology between the US and China have accelerated in recent years. Yet barriers remain, and competition is intense. 

Our consultants will ensure you maintain your edge, even as the two countries' governments shift their mutual approaches.

Healthcare & Medicine Consulting Services


The healthcare industry in China has been slower than most to fully open, but in recent years the Chinese government took bold steps to accelerate the rate at which Western technology and drugs could get to market to save lives. Meanwhile, co-investment in R&D efforts, often based in China, has grown exponentially.

Will collaboration in the healthcare sector, focused on the universal human goal of improving and lengthening life, thrive in the otherwise foreboding geopolitical climate?

  • Understanding the consumer

  • Understanding the competition

  • Regulatory & government affairs

  • R&D, product development

  • Manufacturing & sourcing

  • Distribution, sales, & marketing

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